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Disposable 4 layer mask

– Goods name: High quality medical maks Vietpower

– Type: flat ear band, antibacterial paper

– Dimension: 17.5cm x 9.5cm

– Product Structure: Our premium medical mask is created with a 4-layer-mask body, a nosewing shaper and ear bands. The mask body’s 4 layers: The outer layer is made of GMS 25g/m2 2s blue non-woven fabric, 175mm long; The second layer is made of GMS 25g/m2 55% antibacterial fabric, 175mm long; The third layer is GMS 25g/m2 99% antibacterial paper, 175mm long; The innermost layer is a GMS 25g/m2 white non-woven fabric in length 195mm. The outer layer is polypropylene non-woven fabric, the middle layer is an antibacterial polypropylene melt blown cloth. The nosewing shaper is made of PVC which can be easily adjust to form a close fit. The ear bands are made of premium elastic materials, very resilient.


Product Feature

Vietpower Group’s high quality medical masks are manufactured using antibacterial technology with a 4-layer structure that can prevent bacteria, dust from entering, and prevent dangerous diseases spread through the respiratory tract

– In particular, the layer of Vietpower 4-layer medical mask has the effect of filtering the air, waterproof, so it is safe and does not cause skin irritation

The nosewing shaper on the mask is very easy to adjust, helping users fix the mask and form a close fit to the entire face, which can prevent dust’s penetration

The ear bands are made of strong elastic material, good elasticity to have a comfortable feeling when using. Therefore, Vietpower masks are effectively used when traveling outside or working in hazardous industrial environment hospitals.


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